Today will be better, for sure

So I found out the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport is 72 square miles and actually has its own zipcode. And it sucks a little bit too. Yesterday was the longest day of my life, I think. We attempted to board the plane to San Jose yesterday, made it on, and then proceeded to wait an hour while the mechanics tried to fix a suspicious light in the captain’s cabin. Well, that failed and we ended up having to deboard and wait for another plane. An hour later, (that’s two hours after scheduled departure), they still were unable to find a working plane and a pilot to fly the thing. Don’t pilots have on calls? Like pilot-to-pilot, “hey buddy my plane decided the shit the bed today, think you could you slide in and take these very tired, hungry people to their destination?” But I guess not. So after I contemplated different ways to end my misery, I ended up listening to much-appreciated family advice and asked the nearest travel agent if there was a flight I could catch in the morning instead. He was in the middle of break; it was pretty obvious because of the granola bar hanging out of his mouth as I approached him. But I must have looked relatively destitute because he stopped chewing and immediately helped me. Not only did he get me a flight for the morning, he also gave me a voucher for a free night at the always-classy Comfort Inn, and a free dinner and breakfast coupon. I felt like the waterworks were going to start then, because I hadn’t slept in 30 hours and he abandoned his 15 minutes of freedom and delicious apple nut bar to help me.

The hotel shuttle came right away, and I was whisked away to my 3 star palace. I’m exaggerating; it wasn’t bad at all. Especially for a free room with a king sized bed, which is really the only thing in life that matters. At first, I was concerned that Texans don’t believe in hot showers, as it took a solid 10 minutes for the water to turn from freezing to luke warm. But after a while, it turned hot and I was able to wash off the frustration of the day. I then ordered a large pizza, compliments of American Airlines, ate it in its entirety and passed out.

So here we are, day two of DFW. I used my breakfast coupon and got the largest coffee I could find, and now I’m patiently waiting to board. Pray to God that this plane works! Next stop: San Jose ✈️ 🗺



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