things i love about her

i love the natural color of her cheeks
and the way she smiles when she speaks.
the frizzy curl of her ash blonde hair
and how it manages to get everywhere.

her eyes are pits of golden flame
like the branches of the tree from which she’s named.
i love the length of her legs when she points her toes
and how her features are big — from her feet to her nose.

she can be open and honest to all who she meets
and she isn’t afraid to admit defeat.
i love her wild sense of humor that tends to offend
and how if she doesn’t succeed she’ll try, try again.

i love her confident photos when she purses her lips
and the sexy ‘come here boys’ sway of her hips.
how she can be her own person without any help
and doesn’t need hundreds of friends to define herself.

the way her mind wanders as she dreams of success
how she knows what she’s worth and won’t settle for less.
i love her passion for politics, fashion and writing
and how she doesn’t shy away from the demons she’s fighting.

the things i love about her go on and on
because she is my keeper and together we’re strong.


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